10 Ways Officiating Makes You a Happier Person

Officiating can take a toll on the mind and the body, but one thing that stays constant is the fun you can have on the field, court, pitch or wherever you may serve. There is no shortage of stress to make sure you get the big call right in the big game, but we want to focus on the more fun things you may not know about officiating:

  1. We often hang out as crew at one another's house.

  2. We are likely to make a lifelong friend or two.

  3. The ride to the game is great!

  4. The ride home from the game is hysterical.

  5. We actually have great relationships with coaches.

  6. Playoffs.

  7. New Gear!

  8. We can get our families involved and spend time with them.

  9. Getting it right!

  10. We get to travel and see new cities.

Share what makes you happy!!!

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