4 Questions with Chip Huffman - Augusta Football Assigning Secretary

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What are some key elements you look for in officials when making assignments? Experience? Demeanor? Other examples? 

Experience would be great but that rarely happens.  We need officials who are willing to learn and willing to put in the time to get better. New officials get discouraged and some quit if they are not working a full varsity schedule in their early years.   We also need young guys (20-40 years old). The officiating average age is well over 50 and we need younger folks to come in and be the next generation of officials. How has the Covid-19 situation impacted your ability to schedule games? 

Well it’s changed assigning. We are assigning Friday games week to week since we have had changes every week due to Covid-19. It has made assigning very challenging and with numbers being down 25% it is a tough situation to cover all games.

NOTE: The registration numbers are specific to each association. The reference above may not represent the entire state, although we know currently the state registration is down in football, specifically.

Looking into your crystal ball - what do you see as the biggest obstacle for officials moving forward over the next several seasons? 

Numbers.  We need more officials.  Unfortunately we need everyone on our roster to cover each week so even if you aren’t making a effort to get better you will still get a game. Granted the ability to change/eliminate one thing that impacts your ability to assign games, what would it be? What could make your job easier?

I reference above.  We need a larger roster to choose from when assigning games.

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