4 Questions with James Arnold - GHSA State Trainer for Football

What have been some challenges with the new way of administering the GHSA playoff camps this year?

There were many:

  • How can we make this value added to each official?

  • What platform should we use for the videos?

  • What platform should we use for recording?

  • How do we insert video that does not drag?

  • How much content should we use in to each session?

  • What content should we use in each session?

  • How do we verify that the video has been viewed?

  • Testing with google docs presented challenges.

"It was a challenge – but the product I believe is value added to the officials and at a price point that works out for everyone."

Do you think virtual camps could be the way of the future?

"Next year we are looking to do some stuff differently – with the virtual camp being one option – the other is in the works but I cannot say more right now."

Why was the decision made for the mechanics book to be purchased by the official in addition to the GHSA playoff camp?

"First the manual is first class – all in a digital form that the official can take anywhere on their phone, tablet or on their PC.

The manuals were basically rented through referee magazine’s online digital portal from year to year – it was paid for with part of the officials camp fee each year."

  • Selling the officials the manual on their platform this year the official owns this product forever.

  • All the manuals are in one bundle (4, 6 and 7 person).

  • And we are not going to change it next year – updating in 2 year cycles (If needed)

"So basically its $5.50 per year. Which I believe is a great value."

Please share your thoughts on the current Officials Advisory Committee that GHSA has assembled?

"Some work needs to be done in structure and defining the role of the committee. But, I believe that the Officials Advisory Committee can become a great tool for the associations for each sport to use to take there issues to the GHSA. In turn, I think it will help the GHSA in hearing one voice (there are 2 persons from each sport) on the issues that the associations face each year."

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