Late night chats, study guides and rule books. Then comes meetings, tests and more late night chats. The preparation alone will turn most people away. The pressure to make the right call will cause most people run and hide. The performance required to make it to the championship will cause most people to wane away. So, why? Why do we do this? Why do we care? Why do we have an opinion? Why do keep coming back? Why?

There are many answers as to why we continue, but I believe this. The official has to balance right from wrong, and judge with a blindfold as to the potential outcome of the contest with no warning of the split second decision that has just occurred. The official is likely to end up the butt of a joke, the subject of the heckler and the main actor in the next YouTube video. So, why? Because I believe the official is called to do one of the most thankless jobs there is. They must be humble, smart, courageous, tempered, disciplined; they must be all that in the most unlikely arenas that one could imagine. They are different.

That is why. They are different. They think different, they act different, the react different, they prepare different. It's simple, but it's true. No matter your why, continue to be the difference this world needs. Continue to be the right when there is wrong, the tempered in the chaos and the balance scale of decision making. Be different, and thank you for coming back.

See you soon!

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