Bearing the Financial Burden

In November of 2019 GHSA posted a video explaining how the GHSA was funded. In this video Robin Hines goes on to explain the member dues and playoff revenue sharing model that GHSA has arranged with member schools. Hines states that, "...it's important to note that only 1.8% of the GHSA budget comes from the member schools through dues. I think people have a misconception about that."

After a more in depth look at the GHSA 2020-2021 Budget, posted on the GHSA website, it is apparent that the member schools contribute approximately the 1.8% to the budget. That number was calculated by taking the Dues and dividing Total Revenue. It is important to note that Hines led the charge in waiving all member schools' dues for this current school year. So this percentage will actually be 0%.

That information put out by GHSA begged the question, what does the Officials' Registration contribute to the budget? The same budget linked above notes that the officiating department was responsible for $390,000 of revenue. Dividing the Officiating Department Revenue by the Total Revenue reveals that officials contribute to 6.9% of the GHSA budget. This is almost 4 times the amount of money collected on the backs of officials through membership and registration.

GHSA provides a rule book, case book and insurance for that amount of money. Officials also contribute an additional $60,000 in revenue for game passes. Other sources of revenue are camps and royalties from uniform sales. Factoring the additional $60K, moves the contribution from officials to the GHSA budget up to 8.0%, over 4 times the amount collected by member schools.

In a current world where there is an actual 15% decline in GHSA sports officials (football) with no surprises of that number potentially increasing (across all registered officials), there has to be more of an effort concerted toward placing the burden in the right places and improving the return on investment for officials. The issue of recruitment and retention is broad and complicated, but this is one leading indicator that conditions can be improved.

Let us know your thoughts.

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