GAOA and OGAD19 Conference Sponsorship and Registration

Greetings Association Leaders,

This is a friendly follow to remind you that GAOA needs your help to fund any cost overruns associated with its OGAD conference, its recruitment and retention initiatives, its advocacy for officials’ / umpires’ initiatives, and its officials awards program. Thanks to the leaders who have already taken a sponsorship. GAOA’s OGAD will be held at Campbell High School, 5265 Ward St. SE., Smyrna, GA. GHSA’s four sanctioned camps are on July 12 & OGAD’s conference is July 13 beginning at 9 am.

GAOA’s Leadership and I ask each Associations’ leaders to purchase a sponsorship package today to help fund OGAD; Time is of the essence. Officials are vital to GAOA’s negotiating success.

Association sponsorships follow: Platinum $200.00; Gold $150.00; Silver $100.00; Bronze $50.00

Pay online at www.gaathleticofficials.org or mail payment to P.O. Box 1400, Lyons, GA 30436. Sponsorships will be prominently posted on GAOA’s website and in OGAD’s Conference program.

GHSA’s decision to sell an officials’ pass out of its office eliminated major source of income that it had used to help pay OGAD’s cost overruns and to keep OGAD’s registration fee as low as possible.

OGAD’s conference registration fee is $25.00; with a GAOA membership it’s $30.00, a $5.00 discount.

Register, purchase a membership, and/or sponsorship online at www.gaathleticofficials.org or mail your check or money order to GAOA, P. O. Box 1400, Lyons, GA 30436. It’s time to be heard.

You and your officials are encouraged to attend OGAD’s conference for profession development, to celebrate officials, to focus on mutual-points of interest / concerns, to make new friends and to rekindle ole ones, and to participate in GAOA’s sport-specific breakout session to address policies that are working well and those that need to be tweaked. It’s your opportunity to have your voices heard.

Most notably unresolved issues affecting officials are compensation, timely payment, high cost of officiating, tier ratings, post season assignments, and, Recruitment and Retention of Officials. Make your voices count – please attend OGAD on July 13, and its sport-specific breakout sessions then too.

Time is of the essence. Now is the time to be heard!!!

Please attend OGAD with your members and have your voices heard. Thanks for your time, commitment, and support!!!

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