Georgia Athletic Officials Association’s Virtual Hall of Fame

Updated: May 10, 2019

Officials-of-the-Year and Charlie Bloodworth Lifetime Achievement Award Inductees

The high school officials honored in GAOA’s Virtual Hall of Fame have been chosen as the Official of the Year in their respective sport or as a Charlie Bloodworth Lifetime Achievement Award Winner by the Georgia Athletic Officials Association (GAOA). The inductees have been honored for their outstanding knowledge and skill in officiating, as well as their integrity, leadership, professionalism, and dedication.

These superb officials have contributed much to the quality of high school athletic competition in our state, and they have served as role models for all who are involved in high school athletics. The GAOA is proud to recognize them in GAOA’s Virtual Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to each of them on their selection as a GAOA Official of the Year or as a Charlie Bloodworth Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. And on behalf of the GAOA leadership, Georgia’s 7,000-plus officials, and innumerable school administrators, athletes, and parents, we thank them for their commitment to “Excellence in Officiating.”


W. Alan Smith

GAOA Executive Director



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