Georgia House of Representatives speaks out for Officials

Representation for officials is an age-old, but hotter-than-ever topic here in Georgia. The GAOA has been working hard to help illustrate the importance of this matter, and we are proud to say that we are making headway. There are many ways that representation is beginning to show itself.

Three ways that official's voices are beginning to be amplified:

  1. GHSA Officials Advisory Committee will be working toward a regular meeting schedule with leadership of GHSA. This action has come at the request of Ernie Yarbrough organizing a more validated approach to hearing officials concerns.

  2. Official Sub-Committee Communication is getting much better, as they are working more to understand our needs as contest officials. This is happening with at least one or more committee members being informed of the concerns that have been submitted through The Voice.

  3. The legislators of Georgia are stepping up too. The national campaigns in recruiting new officials have been heard and House of Representative and the Senate is, in turn, helping amplify our voice on a state level.

With the help of several Representatives and Senators, the House dropped a resolution encouraging the GHSA to be more inclusive of contest officials. CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO HR 1475. This resolution is monumental in speaking out for officials. To be clear, this is simply a request for the GHSA to evaluate their process in how they are understanding more about what concerns exist.

The GAOA wants to thank the GHSA Leadership and staff, the GHSA State Executive Committee and sub committees and the Representatives and Senators that have played a part so far in creating a more reliable process for representation. We have a long way to go, but we feel that the needle is moving in the right direction.

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