GHSA Executive Committee to Vote on Pay Raise Immediately

In the wake of many unusual things this year, the GHSA State Executive Committee is set to vote for a $10 pay raise for soccer officials as it pertains to a crew of 3. If passed, this would be effective immediately. Below is an excerpt from the upcoming October 5, 2020 SEC Meeting Agenda.


This is in response to oversight during the last pay increase for officials. According to the agenda this will make soccer "comparable" with basketball and baseball. The only comparison would be with the amount of money that separates a crew of 2 from a crew of 3. Currently baseball is separated by $10 and basketball is separated by $9. With the current model, soccer is separated by $18. This new pay raise for soccer would separate crews of 2 and 3 by $8.

The real question is why is there any separation in price at all? Why does adding an official to the event devalue the individual price of each official? Some may say the reason is because more officials on the game equals less work. Well, whoever thinks that, surely has not officiated. In many cases, the reason that additional officials are added to field is because of the complexity of the game is increasing. The complexity of the game can increase for many reasons.

GHSA has long touted that their officials are among the highest paid in the country, particularly in Southeast. Well that is no longer the case. For example, in neighboring states basketball officials in Alabama make $75 per official in a crew of 3 and in Florida $81 per official in a crew of 3. The same crew of 3 would make $62 if they worked in Georgia. While the GHSA SEC voted to approve a compensation increase in September of 2019, there is much more work to be done.

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