GHSA - Taking Care of Officials

Last week on May 22 we asked Ernie Yarbrough 3 questions:

  1. Will there be sanitation requirements for official’s locker rooms?

  2. Has there been any estimation of potential reduction in registration numbers being that the average age of officials falls in the high risk category?

  3. In the wake of a possible reduction in registrations, will there be any adjustment to minimum number of officials on the field to officiate a game?

We received our first decision on May 28 by way of email today. Read below from Ernie Yarbrough:

GHSA By-Law 2.71 (c) (5) Directs host schools to provide a safe and secure changing areas for contest officials.  In accordance with the safety provisions being instituted for returning to GHSA athletic competition, please follow the recommended provisions for contest officials throughout the regular season and playoffs. All members schools hosting a regular-season and/or playoff contest/event shall sanitize the officials' dressing area prior to their arrival, and provide sanitizing supplies in the dressing area for the individual needs of the contest officials.

That email was followed by additional information:

To add to the previous directive, the GHSA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee recommends that contest officials arrive at the game/contest site already dressed in their officiating uniform whenever possible.

We want to make it safe as possible for the contest officials also.

GAOA has been working feverishly behind the scenes to do as much as possible to ensure the safety of all contest officials as we work on plans to return to our respective sports. Please stay tuned and know that GAOA is working hard every day to hold the standard that we all deserve.

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