The Pandemic Playoffs - A Story of Love

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It's has been a crazy season, for sure. So many cancellations, reschedules, and modifications. So many changes. So many unknowns. In the midst of all the chaos, there has been a group that has not wavered, the contest officials. We want to thank EVERY - SINGLE - OFFICIAL across this country that has committed to the unknown!

As we embark into the Pandemic Playoffs, there are officials that are sitting on the sidelines because of injury or illness among other things. These men and women have shown great courage to keep fighting for the opportunities to put these kids back on the field and regain some levels of normalcy in our communities. High School sports has a way of healing a community. It has a way of bonding a community. Communities all across this country need a heavy dose of healing right now, and the officials have provided one small remedy for that healing. We could not be more proud of these individuals.

In a recent GAOA survey, the number one reason that contest officials suit up is for the LOVE of the game. There is only one way to describe the commitment to have endured one of the toughest seasons ever played - LOVE. The notion of making it to the finish line is only possible because of those officials who do what they LOVE.

The Pandemic Playoffs will have no shortage of story lines. As we walk into another unknown, one thing is certain, the officials will be there. They will be there to ensure the contest is played and new champion is born. With a well deserved tip of the cap and huge fist bump, we want to say THANK YOU to a country filled with courageous contest officials!

It's obvious that when commit to what we LOVE to do, we can truly HEAL a community and a nation.

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