The Power of Preparation - 6 Ideas to Ponder

Preparing for a game has many different meanings, and we all have our own routines that make us comfortable. The power of preparation is something that we can often take lightly and can result in a catastrophic outcome. Here are a few things that you may already do, but this will serve as a friendly reminder before your big game:

Before Game Day Preparation

So much of the work happens before you ever make it to the game. One thing that will prepare a contest official more than anything is a solid knowledge of the rules. This may take years to master, but one thing is for sure, this happens before game day. Another area we want to master is mechanics. Make sure that you have solid understanding of mechanics and rule knowledge and you are certain to improve your performance.

Be on Time

Being rushed into a pregame meeting because you got hung up at work or caught in traffic will frazzle even the most seasoned arbiters. Make sure you prepare the best you can to overcome unforeseen events that will happen.

Engage in the Conversation

Talk during the pregame. Ask questions. Give answers. This will improve the communication your crew has during the competition and will improve trust during the critical moments.

Find Some Quiet Time

This is hard and seemingly rare. Find a minute or two to turn off the commotion in life and lock into what you are about to do. Be silent and truly think about what is about to happen. Close your eyes and see the players and the ball and the coaches. See it all unfolding before the game starts. This will eliminate your adjustment period and allow you to start strong.

Have a Conversation with a Mentor

This is a sure way to improve your preparation before a game. Mentors have a way of making things simple. It is your job to listen and apply.

Prepare Your Game Bag Early

Do this the night before or several nights before. Make certain that your essentials are packed and you have backups of what is critical.

There are many other ideas to add to this small list, however the power of preparation is a very real thing. Do your part and prepare, the players and the coaches will thank you!

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