The Success of Teamwork and a Democratic Process

For over 6 months GAOA has been working to restructure the organization to include a more broad representation of the state as it pertains to officiating. There were many meetings, discussions and committees formed to begin this new journey. This week marks the first of many successes to come with the re-branding and new focus of GAOA. Our new focus is simple - it all about the official. In those past 6 months, the GAOA has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to understand more about the issues of recruitment and retention and , more specifically, how compensation plays a part in those issues. We set out to analyze the input costs for officials, the likely total wage earned by officials, the likely hourly wage earned by officials and what competitive alternatives existed. We looked closely at competitive alternatives, because we feel this is one major factor in retention issues. Many officials are migrating away for from High School Athletics and working independent events.

Depending on who you talk to, you will either hear about compensation or sportsmanship. We fundamentally believe both are problematic and need to be addressed. It is likely that improved compensation would help increase recruitment of new officials and improved sportsmanship would increase the of retention of that same official.

When addressing compensation, the magic question is how much? Truthfully, no one knows that number, but we can say that when we have more officials than we need, we will have reached the right number.

The GHSA Executive Committee approved a new compensation plan to begin next year and last for two years. While officials are appreciative of the increase, we will be closely looking at registration numbers and we will be looking at new officials versus retained officials to understand more about retention. We want to thank the members of the Executive Committee for listening to the officials as many groups of officials collaborated to encourage an amended proposal. This amended proposal prevented a decrease in the first three rounds of playoffs for most all sports officials in Georgia. The prevention of this decrease was attributed to commitment that officials have for one another. Again, we want to thank the men and women on the Executive Committee that listened to our position and amended the original proposal.

We have many more things to improve for officials. This is just one example of what the "new" GAOA has in store! We encourage you to join GAOA and join the movement that is happening.

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