Together We Will Be Disrupters

Below you will see an email exchange with Bobby McAllister and Alan Smith, both Executive Directors of the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association and Georgia Athletic Officials Association respectively.

This is our public commitment to working together as disrupters in athletics and everywhere we go.


Dear Alan, As the GACA, we are disheartened and deeply troubled by recent events and stand with our school communities in affirming our shared humanity. Our collective strength as a community is grounded in our racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity. School activities offer the chance to reveal the best within each of us and on the opportunity to be human to each other. Over the past years, as the leader of The Georgia Athletic Coaches Association, we have always tried to create welcoming and inclusive environments at events but recognize the need to always try to do better. As an Association we renew our commitment to act with love, purpose and understanding as we endeavor to disrupt racism and discrimination together.  Bobby McAllister Georgia Athletic Coaches Association Executive Director 770-578-6366 - Office 706-988-8908 - Cell


Coach Bobby McAllister, GACA’s Executive Director,  GAOA and I appreciate your decree and join with you and the GACA to act with love, purpose and understanding as we work together to disrupt and dismantle racism and discrimination. Thanks for your thoughtful, productive leadership. GAOA is proud to stand with GACA as partners to help keep GAs elite high school athletic programs humming.  Sincerely,  W. Alan Smith GAOA, Executive Director P. O. Box 1400  Lyons, GA 30436 912-585-8391

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