What are the immediate impacts on officials in this unprecedented time?

We have seen newsletters, blog posts, videos and many other media outlets and still there is little that we know about the overall impact of this pandemic. While there are far more important things at stake; officiating is still on our minds. We asked a few questions to GHSA and want to share what we found.

GHSA has confirmed there will be no price increases on training camps in the upcoming year. This is news well received as there have been talks about training camp fee increases.

The other question that was asked, is how will the playoff camp fees for spring contest officials be handled. Ernie Yarbrough, Assistant Executive Director of GHSA, has assured us that he was currently working on policy as to how to handle this situation, but has not yet worked to the solution.

We will continue to ask questions for the officials that serve this great state and do their part to be playoff eligible. Please send us a message on social media if you have an questions that you think should be addressed. While we at GAOA are protecting our families by sheltering in place, we are still working hard to address the issues that game officials face.

Stay safe and stay tuned.

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