What happens if I get hurt?

GAOA asked four questions regarding the insurance program that GHSA provides for every registered contest official.

In the event that an official gets injured in a GHSA competition, what is the first thing that officials should do?

An official should contact his/her association to report the injury.  The association secretary can notify Pam Thompson (GHSA) of the injury and she will provide the insurance paperwork via mail or email to the secretary or directly to the official as requested.

What responsibilities does the local association have to file paperwork or does this fall solely on the official?

It is the responsibility of the official to complete the insurance form.  Once complete, the official will have the association secretary sign the form verifying the injury occurred during an assigned contest.  The official will then attach any medical bills and documentation needed to the form and submit to the insurance company.  See link to insurance coverage and claims information on our website:  https://www.ghsa.net/officials-insurance-coverage

Is there any advice to local association leadership when handling injured officials?

Association leadership will need to make sure the injury is noted in association records and any assignments missed by the official during his recovery.

Do you know an average of how many claims are made by officials each year?

The number of claims generally ranges from 10 to 30 per year.

Upon asking a few question, we discovered a couple of officials that had nothing but great things to say about this program. Those officials experience serious injuries and after this plan kicked in after their primary coverage. They said that it took care of most of their expenses leaving them with very little to be responsible for.

GAOA thought it would be important to remind you that you are covered if you are a registered GHSA contest official!

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